Product Management Services - Hardware / Software

New product development, new feature definitions and product life-cycle management are a key part of a profitable marketing strategy. Our unique combination of hands-on law enforcement and product marketing experience enables our team to provide our clients with accurate product and feature definitions. Our background is invaluable to companies considering investing in new products by conducting solid market-viability validation of new ideas. 


We create pre-development end-user research programs to measure potential demand, establish profitable price points and feature sets. At the same time we have the capability to help companies with products in law enforcment, homeland security and loss prevention determine which new product ideas not to pursue.


Our team works to evaluate the best path to market for new products be it direct, through local dealers, representatives and OEM manufacturers. The technology complexity in a product plays a key role in its path to market due to the level of support required. These factors all have to be part of the new product development , market launch and delivery process.