Brand Development and Management Services

Branding is very important in the law enforcement, homeland security, corrections and loss prevention industry because the end users in this market are very skeptical by nature of gimmicks. Buyers of law enforcement products and services are found in three places within the customer organization. 1st- is the cop who sees the product in a magazine, social media or demo and will use the product/service; 2nd- the deputy chief or chief who specifies the product and signs a requisition;  3rd- is the buyer in purchasing who looks at “who is the low bidder”. 


Brand reputation is important to all three members of this buying chain. All three will trust a brand they know because it makes justifing the purchase decision easier. The cop/user will try an unknown brand if they believe the product works and will add value/safety. The buyer in purchasing may go with an unknown brand if it costs less than the known brand. However, the chief or deputy chief will be the hurdle with the unknown brand because if the product fails it comes back to the chief. 


And …. If the product is software, hardware or works on the network it has to pass the IT department (which is usually not located within the law enforcement orgnaization) and becomes the 4th customer in the buying chain. In most law enforcement organizations the IT person/department may be at the city our countly level with zero knowledge how the desired product is used and adds value to the cop at the user level.  IT only cares if it installs easy, does not risk network security threats and will not cause problems… which goes back to the need to have a known and trusted brand.


Branding of new products in the law enforcement market should be simple, and have a clearly defined benefits overview which overcomes any "user-who-wants-it skepticism" by all those involved in the purchase process outlined above. Our unique combination of end-user law enforcment experience (we are cops) combined with extensive marketing background enable us to provide valuable brand management counsel to companies.