Specializing in Serving Companies with Products and Services for Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Corrections and Loss Prevention Applications

We provide a comprehensive suite of marketing management services for companies with products and services in law enforcement, homeland security, corrections and loss prevention applications. Our team has a unique background combination of law enforcement experience combined with marketing, branding, product development, public relations and sales. For companies with products in law enforcement markets we can provide more accurate, results-oriented marketing solutions than any other marketing partners because we know the end-user experience first-hand. 

  • STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT – Develop stragies which govern downstream tactics
  • BRAND MANAGEMENT – Create brands and manaage brand reputations
  • PRODUCT MANAGEMENT – Develop profitable products, extensions and features 
  • SALES PROMOTION – Develop and manage advertising programs which generate leads
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS -  Produce positive media coverage of brand, products and people
  • WEB SITE DESIGN –  Design, develop and manage content, applications and metrics
  • CUSTOMIZED SPECIAL SERVICES -  Research, competitor evaluations, consulting